Новые сервера л2, анонсы серверов Lineage 2
News server

Welcome aboard!

Interlude x 1200 Hardcore server greets you. 

We are glad to inform you about our opening.


                  OPENING DECEMBER 17 at 20:00 


We present to your attention a hardcore PVP project in PVE Format. You will not find x1200, which is usual for you. It will be difficult, hard, painful and unpleasant...


Briefly about us:


Hot start race!

Hardcore gameplay

Amphasis on solo players

Minimum donations

No prohibitions and restrictions

No purchased clans

Only hardcore!


You can familiarize yourself with the concept and find more information HERE

Your suggestions on how you would like to see the server can be left HERE

                                        OBT 10 December


Sincerely, Lissandra.su server administration.

There are no statistics for this server yet!